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About Us

Lake Country Probus, Orillia’s third Probus club, was founded in 2010 to provide retired and semi retired people from Orillia and the surrounding areas with camaraderie as they experience the events and adventures offered.

Our membership year is from October 1st to September 30. We have a yearly membership fee based on our ongoing costs. Presently, it is $55 but, because of rising prices across the board, it will have to go up to $70 next year to meet our needs. New members also pay a one time administration fee of $25 which, among other things, covers their Probus name tag.

We are in a particularly fortunate position to be able to invite new applicants into our club quite quickly because our venue is large enough to let us raise our membership to as high as 280 members. Thus, unlike many of the Probus clubs of Orillia, there is no long waiting list.

Anyone wishing to join Lake Country Probus can fill out an online application found at The APPLY TO JOIN will be found on the right hand side of the teal banner under the letterhead. Then you will be contacted by phone by the Membership Chair who will answer any questions you have and explain the joining process if you wish to continue.

Lake Country Probus boasts a user friendly website. On it, once you have become a full member, all our events are registered and you can sign up for them in the comfort of your own home. There, too, our management team information, our meeting dates, our meeting minutes, and our members directory are things that can be accessed. We are constantly finding new and innovative ways to keep our members informed on the website. And if you ever need help with the site itself, we have talented members ready to assist.

So, what can you expect to be offered as a member of Lake Country? First, we have monthly meetings where the business portion is followed by social and snack time and then a speaker who has been chosen to both inform and entertain us. The meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. to noon at Rama Community Hall at 5950 Rama Road on the 3rd Monday of the month (This date is sometimes altered due to Statutory holidays.)

Theatre events, museum visits, dinner and lunch outings, movies, boat cruises, poker runs, and card playing are a few of the events we have offered. To keep us active we have seasonal activities such as introductions to curling, pickleball, and lawnbowling. We also host bowling, biking and walking groups.

Lake Country Probus is like all probus clubs in that it is run by member volunteers. We look forward to including new members who will help carry on that tradition. Once people become acclimatized to the group, we encourage them to bring forth ideas for new experiences and we are happy to help them organize that experience for the club as a whole.

We are so proud of our friendly, welcoming club and we invite you to consider us if you are looking for a new social outlet.

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