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About Us

Orillia Opera HouseThe Lake Country Probus Club was formed in October 2010, and is the third Probus club in Orillia, Ontario. Its aim is to provide a venue for retired and semi-retired people to meet, socialize and participate in activities of all kinds.

Annual membership fees are very reasonable at $42. New members are required to pay an additional initiation fee of $25 to cover the cost of name tags and administration.  Our membership year runs from October to September, and members should renew for the coming year by the end of September.

In our first year, we succeeded in filling our membership roster of 200 people. Members enjoy a variety of speakers at our meetings, a vibrant monthly newsletter, monthly dinner and lunch outings, and various theatre and event activities. In future, we hope to encourage the creation of groups for other activities such as a book club, bridge club, and outdoor activities (hiking, snow shoeing, cycling and cross-country skiing), etc.

In April, 2012, members voted to increase the membership limit from 200 to 240, and, as a result, we cleared our waiting list at the time. As of February, 2022, we have 240 members.  As of June 6, 2022 management voted to increase the membership to 280 which filled quickly over the next month.  The waiting list is now back in play. 

Every year, we have openings for around 25 to 35 people as a result of turnover.  

To get on our waiting list, please fill in our Membership Application.  If you are added to the waiting list now, you can expect to be invited to join within a year or two.

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