General Meetings

General meetings are open to all members, take place on a monthly basis at 10 a.m. on the third Monday of the month, and are held at the Best Western Hotel, 400 Memorial Avenue, Orillia, in the Hermitage Room. Ample parking is available. While there is no requirement for members to attend, these meetings offer an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Some meeting dates conflict with holidays, so the meetings in those months will generally be held on the fourth Monday of the month.

UPDATE:  March 13, 2020:  Owing to concerns over the Covid-19 virus, the March 16 meeting and most activities for the next several months have been cancelled.  Remaining activities will be reviewed and may yet be cancelled.

Each meeting follows the same general format:

  • Singing of 'O, Canada'.
  • Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • One-minute News. This is an opportunity for any members to make announcements about social events or other points of interest to members.
  • Treasurer's Report.
  • Membership Report.
  • Social Committee Report.
  • Caring Committee Report.
  • Entertainment Committee Report.
  • Dining Committee Report.
  • Newsletter Editor's Report.
  • President's Announcements.
  • Social Break. A half-hour opportunity for members to socialize. Tea, coffee and cookies are served. This is also an opportunity for members to sign up for any upcoming outings or events if they haven't already done so online.
  • Announcement of the winners of the "Share the Wealth" draw. 50 percent of the proceeds of the draw are shared between the lucky holders of the first two drawn tickets. The remainder is retained by the club.
  • Guest Speaker. A speaker is invited to each meeting to give a talk on a topic that is likely to be of interest to members.
  • Conclusion of Meeting.

The agenda will be amended as necessary at the president's discretion. All the reports are brief, and take up only a couple of minutes.

Members should always remember to bring their name tags to meetings.

Best Western Mariposa Inn

Upcoming Meetings

  • No upcoming events

Executive Meetings

Executive meetings are generally held two weeks before the general meeting, but this may be changed at the discretion of the president, who will invite executive committee members and any committee heads as needed.

Other Meetings

Meetings for the purposes of organizing dinners, outings and events will be scheduled as needed by committee heads.

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